Andrew O. Ellis


Andrew O. Ellis

Andrew is originally from the suburbs of Detroit, but has lived and worked in PGH since falling in love with the city during his studies at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He works professionally as a graphic and web designer, but in his spare time dabbles in painting, printmaking and cartooning.
In addition to his artistic pursuits, Andrew also enjoys film, bad puns, spy novels, British Invasion rock music, Public Radio and selling his possessions on eBay.


Brian Holderman


Brian HoldermanBrian Holderman is a Pittsburgh-based graphic artist and painter known for creating a vividly colored cartoon world of poison, mis-happenings, and temptation. His work has been exhibited throughout the US, including the Andy Warhol Museum and the Mattress Factory. Brian also applies his art making skills to his graphic design life – illustrating album covers, posters, flyers and T-shirts for his company Holderman Art Graphics.


The Bubble Process


bubbleprocessThe Bubble Process is a two-man design and illustration firm built on this foundation: good food, good music, good time. In 2006 we, (Sean Higgins and Nicholas Rezabek), decided to make our dream job since no one else had made it for us, so here we are doing exactly what we love. The two of us met in 1999 at Kent State University and have been best buds ever since. We live apart, (Cleveland, OH and Brooklyn, NY) but come together via the World Wide Web (virtually inseparable – pun intended!), passing files, ideas, notes and jokes with digital ease and style. We have 2 BFAs under our belts and 4 eyes, 4 hands and 2 bellies above them.


Dan Rugh


Dan RughDan Rugh was born and will eventually die – hopefully like Brad Pitt at the end of “Legends Of The Fall” – when he fought that bear with a hunting knife. Remember that? Yeah, something like that. He also owns and operates Commonwealth Press and likes to do fun things.


Everyday Balloons


everyday balloonseveryday balloons is the combined work of Chris Bencivenga and Becki Hollen. We are printmakers and illustrators and we make curious + cute things for you and your walls. We like to work with our hands. Our illustrations are hand drawn and everything is handprinted – it’s all in the details.
We met in college at Edinboro University, where we both received BFAs, and are currently based in the Steel City aka Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We share our home with our big fluffy cat and a collection of prints that will never entirely be framed.


Jim Rugg


Jim Rugg makes comics, books, drawings, illustrations, and designs. His books and comics include Street Angel, Afrodisiac, the PLAIN Janes, Rambo 3.5, Notebook Drawings, and Supermag. He has exhibited drawings at iam8bit, Gallery1988, Mondo, and the Society of Illustrators. Honors include an Ignatz Award, The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Investing in Professional Artists grant, and AIGA’s 50 Books/50 Covers selection for best-designed books. He teaches classes in the MFA Visual Narrative program at the School of Visual Arts and co-hosts’s Tell Me Something I Don’t Know podcast.
Tell Me Something I Don’t Know


justAjar Design Press


justAjarjustAjar is a collaboration between Sara (design) & Bobby (press) Rosenstock, based out of Marietta, Ohio. We use old technology and new to create unique work. We do everything from woodcut & letterpress posters to web & logo design. We do it all because we love it all.


Michael Budai


Mike Budai is an illustrator and screen printer in Pittsburgh, Pa. Known in Pittsburgh for creating screen printed concert posters, he has also done illustration work for The Attic, Deep Local, Commonwealth Press, City Paper, Artists Image Resource, Mind Cure Records, and many other local businesses and organizations. He has also worked nationally on art for Toyota, The Bentzen Ball, Troika Skateboards,, Temporary Residence Records, and has shown his print and paint work at local and national galleries and museums such as Mondo, Oh No Doom!, Westmoreland Art Museum, Gallery 1988, The Warhol and Richard Goodall Gallery in London.


Paul Schifino


Paul SchifinoPaul Schifino, received his degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1979. Mr. Schifino’s professional work has received national and international recognition from design publications including: Communication Arts (ca), Graphis, Print Magazine Design Annual, How Magazine. Mr. Schifino was a regular contributor to ReadyMade magazine, and his personal work has been included in shows at the Andy Warhol Museum (AMP), the Mattress Factory (Gestures #4 and #14), TRAF Gallery (By Design), and the TRAF (Best of Pittsburgh Show.) His work is also included in the permanent archive of the Mattress Factory.
Mr. Schifino has served as president of the Board of Directors of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and is a former member of the Advisory Boards of the American Shorts Reading Series, and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Society for Cultural Exchange, and the Advisory Board of AIGA Pgh.


Second Block Studio


second blockSecond Block Studio is a husband and wife team that strives to provide creative goods and services that they both love. Josh and Rachel draw from a background of design, identity, illustration, and web development – which, if mixed and cooked properly, results in a badass collaboration of awesome.
These yinzers love great coffee, typography, and are big nerds for science fiction. Proudly based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.




Photo by Nicole DeSantis

Photo by Nicole DeSantis

strawberryluna is Allison & Craig. We are a pair of designers, illustrators, and screenprinters as well as music and film nerds based in Pittsburgh, PA. And yes, the correct way to spell our studio name is “strawberryluna”. All one word, all lower case. Full on. When it’s good, you don’t need to shout.
Handling most of the heavy lifting on the hand screen printing side of our posters and prints is Allison, hand pulling our silkscreens the super old-fashioned way. Originally working out of the amazing community / artists run co-op studio in Pittsburgh called Artists Image Resource (AIR for short), now Allison primarily prints at our studio in the Friendship section of Pittsburgh. Craig is not only an insanely versatile designer and natural trivia champ, but is also a Superman in the kitchen.
They love to work on illustration and design projects outside of silkscreen posters and prints. They’ve done custom illustration work, created full CD & vinyl packaging designs & layout, logos & identity packages, traditional-print ready pieces, web-ready icons and designs, t-shirt designs, and much more.